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The Debate on AI’s Impact on Creative Workers: Will AI Enhance or Replace Human Creativity?

I have listened to many discussions among my fellow creative workers, surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Some claim that it has the potential to replace human creativity. This conversation was sparked by the rising popularity of Dall-e...

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Focus on What You Can Control

Reading a book about Stoicism at the end of 2021, I found something that I think is the simplest, most relevant piece of philosophy. More than just a mere thought, it is something that you have to practice. And...

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Paying for Support on Social Media

We often talk about how brutal haters can be on the internet, but rarely do we touch on ways public figures or anyone deal with them. A recent phenomenon, however, shows that money can sometimes effectively turn haters into...

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The Correct Path to File Complaints on Media Reports

It is really not surprising that just days after the new Penal Code was passed at the parliament, the Press Council immediately threatened to challenge it at the Constitutional Court citing threats to democracy, including to press freedom and...

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