The Recruit is a competition-based internship program.

Made for final-year and fresh graduate students.

There are three phases of the recruitment process with learning opportunities in every step.


Open House

A session specially created for you to experience Maverick for a day! Various tips and tricks from guest speakers to improve student’s professional worth are also included!

Campus Visit

Maverick visits your campus to give you a hint of its challenging internship, The Recruit. We also provide insightful sharing session about the communications industry.


Maverick will provide you with learning opportunity
in each phase to help you improve
your professional skills!

The Competition

1. Linkedin profile submission
2. Communications Proposal Development
3. Final Round at Maverick


“Through The Recruit, I got the opportunity to practice what I’ve learned in college through my capacity as a consultant in helping clients overcome various communication challenges. The Recruit gave me the chance to rediscover my passion in communications. Now, with perseverance and hard work, I continuously shape myself to become a better consultant.”

Clients/projects: Microsoft, OPPO

Reyandra Dio Boentoro
Reyandra Dio Boentoro Communications Science, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

“Becoming one of The Recruit 2015 winners is one the greatest accomplishments in my life. I don’t always know what I want to do after college, but after I found out about Maverick, I know that I am willing to try harder than anyone else to learn about how to become a great communications consultant from the best.”

Clients/projects: Airbus, Airbus Defence & Space, Eurofighter, Lactogen, Mavoice

Khalda Larasati
Khalda Larasati International Relations, Universitas Parahyangan

“Winning The Recruit 2014 for me is probably the biggest turning point in my life. I can really prove that communications is indeed for everyone–even to those who did not study it in the first place! If you have the will for it, everything is possible.”

Clients/projects: Sennheiser, Heineken, Microsoft, Freeport Indonesia, ANJ, JP Morgan, Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta

Edwin Marcel Lengkei
Edwin Marcel Lengkei Computer Science, Universitas Bina Nusantara

“I never think that a small town girl like me could win The Recruit. Defeating students from Indonesia’s top universities was an amazing feeling for me. Plus, I think I came to the right place to learn about marketing and corporate communications.”

Clients/projects: Microsoft, Oppo Indonesia, Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta

Rika Rumiyati
Rika Rumiyati Information Technology, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana

“Participating in The Recruit has given me a new perspective of what communications and public relations are all about. It takes strategy and creativity to craft and deliver simple messages that can be understood by many. It was a really exciting experience I had at Maverick.”

Clients/projects: Airbus, Anugerah Adiwarta, Acer Indonesia

Dendy Nugraha
Dendy Nugraha International Relations, Universitas Parahyangan


Top 5 Entries 2016

Meet Your Winners! 

Last June, we held the finale of The Recruit 2016 at our office. Three finalists attended the finals as two others were unable to join due to personal reasons. Despite having only three finalists, this year proved to be yet another challenging year for us as all three finalists brought their A-game without hesitation in the finals. Read More

Top 5 Entries 2015

The final round of The Recruit 2015 is finally over. It was memorable to us because for the first time in The Recruit history, we crowned two outstanding young inpiduals as the winners. It wasn’t an easy call especially because all 5 finalists were impressive and managed to cause enough dilemma for our panel of judges in coming up with a decision. However, after a careful consideration, observing their performance in that one day they spent with us, plus taking into account who amongst the five would benefit the most from learning from and at Maverick; the judges agreed that Heru Cakra and Khalda Larasati are the ones who left the most impression. Read More

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