The Recruit is Back!
  • Congratulations on making it to the second round!

    After a careful selection process and based on your extensive experience and background, We are delighted to announce that these are the shortlisted list for the second round of The Recruit 2022!

    For more information or questions, feel free to contact during business hours.

  • Overview of Second Stage

    As a strategic communication consultant, one of the most needed skills is a structured thinking process – which later needed to further develop ideas into a creative yet cohesive communications campaign proposal. Based on that, this is exactly what the participants are going to do in the second-round challenge.

    This year, we are challenging you to come up with a short communications strategy ​​by clearly identifying the challenges, objectives, and target audiences based on the brief that we provided. At the same time, you need to take into account of your strategy limitations, applicability and measurement.

    Participants have around two weeks to develop the strategy in English.

  • Request for Strategy: Raising Awareness of Digital Safety in Indonesia

    • In Indonesia, awareness and habits on digital safety still lacks behind compared to other digital pillars such as culture, ethics, and skills – making Indonesians prone to digital attacks.
    • Based on Indonesian Digital Literacy Index 2021, digital safety only scored 3.1 points out of 5, in which many Indonesian have not been able to protect themselves in cyberspace and are not aware of the dangers of uploading personal data, using strong passwords, or activating safety measures in their digital devices.
    • Many Indonesians also still do not understand security when using computers or gadgets despite being digitally literate. This should be a public concern because Indonesian people are vulnerable to hacking and cyberbullying without adequate knowledge about digital security. 
    • You are approached by a technology company, who believes in the importance of digital safety, to help them come up with a strategy to raise public awareness and nurture new habits among users to create a safer digital environment for themselves – where a person is able to use technology safely and helps avoid its dangers.
    • In this challenge, you are given Rp750.000.000 to spend on your communications campaign within the span of three months.

    You are required to create a one pager communications strategy and 3-month tactical plan for the client’s company, which needs to answer these questions below:

    1. What is your strategy/campaign to answer the problem and promote digital safety?
    2. What are the tactics that you would implement?
    3. How would you measure the success of your strategy?

  • Terms and Conditions

      1. Do your research about the industry and give us the rationale behind your ideas
      2. Use the one-pager template format we have prepared for you here to convey your strategy
      3. Make sure that your strategy proposal is concise, communicative, and relevant
      4. Ideas needs to be original, or credit your sources as needed if you pick materials from others
      5. Submit the link to your deck via email to, with subject: [The Recruit 2022] Stage 2 – Name – University
      6. The submission will be closed on 21 August 2022, at 13:00 WIB

    For more information or questions, feel free to contact during business hours.

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