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Publisher Rights: Good News for the Media and Journalists!

The rapid development of search engines and the high level of social media usage as a source of news have also seen search engines such as Google turn into news aggregators. They aggregate news from local media and publish...

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Sayap-sayap Patah “Holywings”

Di era internet dengan informasi panas yang mudah viral, sebagian besar “krisis” yang mempengaruhi bisnis terjadi di lingkup media sosial. Perusahaan/brand melakukan sebuah kesalahan, lalu netizen berkomentar dan saling berteriak dalam badai twitwar. Isu akan berangsur turun saat publik...

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Journalistic Competitions, a Way to Promote Quality Writing

Journalistic competitions, often held by corporations or media associations, including the Press Council, are effective means to promote quality journalistic works but can also be used to draw public attention to a particular issue. As with other competitions, this...

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NFTs as a Business Alternative for the Media Industry and Content Distribution

The development of technology is marked by a fast-paced dynamism and the trends in this industry are undergoing rapid changes, forcing business players from various sectors to adapt or be left behind. This is also happening in the media...

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Timika: A Valuable Trip to the Dollar City

I joined Maverick as a fresh graduate around two years ago, where I was able to enjoy around 3 months of interacting with my colleagues and clients in person.  Then COVID-19 struck.  Since then, work life has been a...

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Mandalika: All Good But For The Last Lap

Mandalika. Even the name sounds exotic.  Until recently it was just another destination in Lombok, an island known for adventure activities and stunning beaches.   Then the Government selected it as the site for the MotoGP World Championship, and the...

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Keeping Up with the New Normal: The Rise of ESG in Doing Business as Usual

In the past two years, the pandemic has been a catalyst to emerging trends. One of the most prominent of these is conscious consumerism. More than ever, consumers today want to know where the products  they use come from,...

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The Rush of Conventional Media Towards Social Media

Reuters Digital News Report 2021 has clearly shown how online media has become the favorite media for most Indonesians, especially those in urban areas. With an internet penetration of up to 71 percent of its 276 million people, conventional...

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NFTs in Indonesia – a Passing Fad or Here to Stay?

Right now, NFTs are the talk of the town and on social media. These Non Fungible Tokens which are essentially JPEGs, are fetching exorbitant prices.  Some say that this is the gateway for a new digital age, but that...

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The Making of an Analyst

The first time I heard about the Maverick x UNPAD Fellowship Program was from my lecturer. She asked me if I’d be interested to participate as a candidate. I had very little idea what it was about but as...

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